With todays busy and unhealthy lifestyles we should all stop to think whether we are doing enough to keep healthy and energized? Could you be feeling better? Should you change your priorities and find some time to look after yourself? Personal training can be the answer !  With Forward Fitness your training is designed specifically for you , according to your abilities and objectives, taking into account the principle of overall balance. We will travel to you at your convenience, to your home, work, gym. We can work in indoor or outdoor environments, using various training methods and equipment. We can work with you hand in hand or create a program for you to work from on your own in between the sessions with your trainer. All we need is some commitment from you, and we endeavor to help you with that too.  


We offer training for various objectives, including the following:  
Health related exercise and fitness
Weight management and weightloss / weightgain
Bodybuilding / Musclebuilding
Muscle tone and body sculpting
Sports specific training
Core Stability
Coordination and Motor Skills
Goal Setting
Motivational Techniques
Stress Relief Techniques
Relaxation and Positive Visualisation
Functional Mobility for Seniors
Help to manage conditions such as diabetes and arthritis 

We are based in Maidstone, Kent , and travel around West Kent.  Tel: 07812725405